Squarespace Scheduling Vs Acuity – Easy scheduling ahead

Are you a consultant, a freelancer or maybe you’re simply looking for more leads and allowing people to easily and professionally book time in your calendar? Well, in today’s video, I’m gon na show you everything you require to understand to use Calendly Hey there everyone, Scott Friesen here at Simpletivity, assisting you to get more done and delight in less tension. And I have actually used Calendly for a while now. It is a very simple and fast tool to enable individuals who are interested in my business and in my work to book time with me. I wan na show you how to get things begun. So we’re gon na get things started by entering into our menu, into our account as soon as you’ve joined Calendly. And among the top places that you’re gon na wan na go is up here to your account. And we want to go to calendar connections since truly whatever is based around your relationship with Calendly and your calendar. So the first thing that you’re gon na wan na do is make sure that you add one or more calendar accounts. This not just allows Calendly to book those visits directly to your calendar however it also allows Calendly.

And what I mean by this, is things beyond just Calendly consultations however things that are taking place perhaps in your individual life or other conferences that come up as a part of your day. This is absolutely gon na be your very first stop to make sure that you have your calendar connections set up properly. Next up, we wan na stay with our account settings this time we’re gon na go to account account settings and I just wan na motivate you to submit an image.

You’re gon na wan na put the name of your business or perhaps it’s your complete name. I’ve got 2 events presently that individuals can choose from and when they click on one of those events, they are likewise gon na see my branding here. We gon na choose that new event type, which is gon na open up a brand-new screen.

In this case, I’m gon na state, I will call my guests ’cause I’m gon na ask them to supply their phone number. I’m gon na say update, that’s gon na save that alternative here. I’m simply gon na state, this is a meeting with Scott for a consulting session, something like that, just something so they can separate what this occasion is about compared to possibly some of the other events that I have available.

Now when we struck next, we’re gon na get to the nuts and bolts of our event. By opening this app, you’re gon na see a lot of